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Welcome to Sierra Wallpaper!

My name is Clint. I started this website in Spring of 2012 as a tribute to the great, and since departed, Sierra On-Line. During the 1980s and 1990s, Sierra created some of the greatest adventure games ever made, giving us unforgettable characters, stories, and memories. Everyone who played them loved them, and many still hold Sierra in a very special place in their hearts.

When I learned that DOSBox (or more specifically, the excellent DOSBox front-end D-Fend Reloaded) could take screenshots, I created a full photo album of every screenshot in Space Quest III. I especially liked one screen, so I blew it up and made it my Windows wallpaper. Then I made the entire folder my screensaver. As the screenshots floated across my screen, nostalgia overtook me, and so I then decided to catalog every Sierra game in just the same way. I mean, why not?

Of course it would be selfish for me to hoard such a great collection of art. So here it is, free for you to download, from one Sierra lover to another. Feel free to drop me a line below, and be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates.


Just a few more things:

1) I have a job and a family and I'm a busy guy, so I very much do this in my (meager) spare moments. I'm going to try and add games semi-regularly. I just play them as I feel like playing them, so there's no way to know what game might come next. If you have a request, let me know, and I'll probably accommodate it!

2) You may have noticed a few changes around here! Sierra Wallpaper is a partner with the Sierra Museum preservation project.

3) Please view this site with a modern browser. Preferably the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari ;)

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